What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups are created on the board when making specific matches. Each Power-Up has a special effect when it is activated:

  • Rocket: Created by matching 4 Pop! Heads in a row. When swiped, a single Rocket will clear all of the Pop! heads in the row either horizontally vertically, depending on the direction it was swiped.
  • Super Bonus: Created by matching 4 Pop! heads in a square shape. When swiped, heads will be transformed into the head of your Pop! partner and will fill your super meter. This is great for filling your meter quickly!
  • Bomb: Created by matching 5 Pops! in a T or L shape. When swiped, heads in its surrounding radius will be cleared from the board.
  • Rainbow Crown: Created by matching 5 or more Pops! in a row. When swiped into any head, all of the corresponding Pops! on the board will be cleared.
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